OneSolar Review. OneSolar Panels, Invertors, Installers: Fully Integrated

OneSolar: Fully Integrated 

OneSolar brings you one shop stop solution from planning to the installation. There has never been more excitement in the solar industry. One Solar brings together the entire process to provide a fully integrated solution to its customers. This integrated process includes everything from solar panels, inverters, as well as actual installation and cabling without any hassle for you to arrange these separately.


A premium choice for customers

You will find that no other solar company offers such a comprehensive level of service as we do. So, as a result, we are the first choice when it comes to delivering a complete solar system package reflecting the best value for money, quality, and product longevity in the marketplace.

In fact, the current status of the solar market is that it is full of businesses offering to sell you something which may not even work very well. Moreover, this will led you to end up with a system on your roof that doesn’t even work properly ruining your investment. It is a process that doesn’t work well for the customer and is often a time-consuming process for all involved.


One Solar panels: Efficient and Environment Friendly

Onesolar latest innovative products are designed for perfection, produce electricity efficiently and save your thousands of dollars. A typical residential 4KW solar power system can be expected to offset 100 tons of carbon dioxide emission over next 25 years. Given our current climatic condition and global warming with rising temperatures everywhere due to carbon emission, this is considered a huge favor to the environment and ultimately to yourself.


OneSolar Panels

One solar offers Karbon panels and Silicon4 panels.

  • Unique ‘Dura-Flex’ tempered glass
  • Solid surface foundation
  • Ultra pure – 99.99% n-type commercial grade silicon

  • 260+ Watts
  • 4 Busbars
  • 12 Year Replacement Warranty
  • 30 Year Performance Warranty


OneSolar Invertors

One Solar offers premium quality solar inverters that reflect reliability, durability and high energy efficiency. All OneSolar Power Qube inverters are manufactured to strict German quality standards. All the solar inverters undergo stringent in-line production tests which are more demanding than those that are required by industrial standards. OneSolar Power Qube invertors

  • Are strictly manufactured adhering to German quality standards
  • Undergo strict and rigorous quality control testing
  • Are built using quality components
  • Are always battery ready


OneSolar: Installers

One solar installers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council. This is where the entire difference comes in, giving One Solar installers an edge in the market over the other non accredited installers.This accreditation helps in keeping a quality check of the installation process. One solar is registered with Clean Energy Council to ensure the quality and provide our customers with a smooth installation experience. This gives a great deal of satisfaction to the customers in their investment. OneSolar installers know their job well and provide all the information crucialto their customers.

So, don’t wait and contact us now.

OneSolar: The Future is Here!

One solar is the one of the topmost solar energy provider. OneSolar panels and invertors are German made which provide the longest warranty to its customers as compared to any other solar provider. This not only stands us out but gives our customer a peace of mind of investing in a quality equipment.

Since OneSolar has been founded, we have installed over 800,000 quality solar panel systems in all over Australia. That is a significant number. All of which have been installed through our highly trained and accredited team of in-house solar system installers. So, no matter how big or small your installation is, we ensure to have your job done to the highest standards.


Solar energy is becoming the most preferable renewable energy source in Australia for small and large-scale businesses and homes. The small scale solar PV is the third largest provider of the renewable energy source followed by Bioenergy and large-scale solar PV. In the year 2016, 1,276,305 households were powered by the solar PV and that number doesn’t even include the commercial numbers. One solar plays a very crucial role here as it is helping Australian government to achieve its future goal of providing the renewable energy source.

So, contact OneSolar now to get your free quote and be part of this Solar revolution.


The convenience of keeping an eye on energy consumption and requirement has never been easier before but with the introduction of OneCloud by OneSolar, this is possible now. OneCloud app gives you the power and the freedom to independently check your energy usage in detail. This innovation not only empowers you to monitoryour energy consumption but also makes it possible for you to plan your usage.


How it works?

All you have to do is, download this app from the internet on your smartphone or tablet to connect to your OneBattery via the internet and to monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your household.

So, to take the advantage of this and improve your energy consumption. Switch to OneSolar today!



OneSolar: Are Installers important?

Installers are the people who design and plan the installation of the solar power system. They are equally as important as the Solar power system because they are the one who does the installation process for you from the very start to the end. When it comes to the installation of your solar power system, you would want to make sure that the person who is doing it is expert at their job and have the necessary skills to do it. One solar who firmly believes in the customer satisfaction cares about the installers who are dealing with your life-long investment.

One solar installers are Clean Energy Council accredited. This accreditation is vital to the solar industry as it helps in keeping a quality check of the installation process. One solar is registered with Clean Energy Council to ensure the quality and provide our customers with a smooth installation experience. This gives a great deal of satisfaction to the customers in their investment. OneSolar installers know their job well and provide all the information crucial for the customers to be aware of.


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Why OneSolar? OneSolar Review. One Word: Excellence

It is one of the most important decisions to choose a worthy investment. An investment has to provide enough return to give you a peace of mind.

If you are looking to sit back, relax and get a good Solar investment return then go for OneSolar. One Solar is a well know brand and one of the topmost choices when it comes to solar panels. One solar was established to bring a revolution in the solar industry and make solar power reachable to the Australians at an affordable cost.

One solar offers excellent customer service as it values quality and firmly believes in a strong relationship with its customers. There are many good reasons to go for OneSolar of which some of them are listed below:

1. Efficient in producing electricity and environment-friendly

With One solar latest innovative products that are designed for perfection generate electricity efficiently and save your dollars. With a typical residential 4KW solar power system, you can expect it to counteract 100 tons of carbon dioxide emission over next 25 years. This is a huge favor that you are doing to the environment and One solar feel pride to offer the same to its valued customers.

2. Excellent Customer Service

One solar team provides exceptional customer service to its customers from the moment you sign up. So, forget to stay in the long queues and to wait weeks to get a response. OneSolar is here to help you.

3. Excellent ROI

With OneSolar products, you get excellent ROI by reducing your electricity bill by almost 30-40%. This again creates a significant impact on your pocket by saving you thousands of dollars in the coming years. The system gets paid for itself in a very short time frame.

So, without any further delay reach OneSolar on 02 9089 8808.

Solar Electricity System

A solar electricity system undoubtedly utilises the most essential free and abundant energy source, the ultra-violet radiation of the mighty sun and converts it into electricity.

Numerous solar cells within the panel are spread over a large area and are considered as fundamental building blocks responsible for accumulating and converting solar energy into electricity through what’s called the photovoltaic effect.


The advent of the 21st century has made electricity an essential feature for not only the industry but also for households. Unlike power derived from fossil fuels (hydrocarbons), solar energy is a clean source of energy and doesn’t threaten the earth’s ecosystem in any way.

solar electricity system

Harnessing power from conventional means is tantamount to air/water pollution and the inevitable creation of greenhouse gases. Solar-power, on the other hand, does not require expensive fuel processing or other means of extraction. Once solar system installation is done, it works free of cost and supplementary to other energy sources, reducing the total cost of energy, generating electricity efficiently and providing a more environment-friendly route to power generation.


Solar Electricity System

Best One Solar in Victoria

If you are looking to invest in solar energy this year, One solar can deliver complete solar panel solutions on a global scale that are sustainable, efficient and reliable.

One Solar power is a clean and cost-effective way to generate renewable solar electricity system. Learn more about it.. See our latest offers and find the system that’s right for you.

Why Do You Need to Install Solar Panels

The market for solar panels has observed a dramatic increase in the past decade. Perhaps, what’s more important to ask is as to why an increasing number of people are choosing to go solar today. Using solar panels can trim down electricity expenditure for up to $100 a month. Seems like not that much right? To put this into perspective, trimming electricity costs little by little over a span of two decades would save up to a whopping amount of $30,000 or even more. Imagine! If you can save up to $64000 (on average) over a period of 20 years! Solar panels potentially free the consumer from relying completely on the power grid and monopolistic energy supplier.

easy solar installation

Best time to Invest in Solar Energy

The market for renewable energy sources will skyrocket in the near future as soon as Earth’s limited resources start showing signs of exhaustion. Renewable energy is undoubtedly the future of harnessing energy on a global scale.

Best solar panel provider in Australia

If you are looking to invest in best solar panels energy this year, One solar is one of the top solar providers in Brisbane, Adelaide and Victoria and can deliver complete solar panel solutions on a global scale that are sustainable, efficient and reliable.

Considering installing solar panels in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria? Land a great deal on fully installed solar power system through One Solar Australia.

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