Highly quality solar panels designed for long term performance

Karbon Panel

Silicon4 Panel

One+ Series key features

  • OneSolar Integrated Panel

    Engineered to produce solar systems with above average results, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality investment.

  • International Quality Standards

    Utilising German and US engineering, all our premium quality solar panels reflect reliability, durability and strong energy efficiency.

  • Excellent Weak Light Performance

    Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and low-irradiance conditions.

  • International Product Insurance

    OneSolar Panels covered by world wide product liability insurance.

  • High Module Conversion Efficiency

    Ultra high cell efficiency up to 20% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Positive Tolerance

    Enjoy up to 5 Watts positive power tolerance on each of your OneSolar panels, ensuring peak performance all year round.

  • Withstanding Harsh Environment

    OneSolar has rigorously tested it's solar panels across the most unforgiving climates, such as deserts, farms and the coastline.